Our Top Vanlife Podcasts

In recent years van living has become a popular choice for many and for a good reason. The idea of being able to convert a van into a livable space that suits your vibe and being able to use it as a home on wheels has many benefits that appeal to many people of all ages and backgrounds, such as ourselves here at BLC. In this blog post, we will discuss and explore the advantages of van life, why it has captured the hearts and minds of so many and what the top 5 podcasts for van lifers are.

The most obvious and significant benefit of Vanlife is its freedom and flexibility. With a van as your home, you can travel anywhere your heart desires, anytime you, please. You have no rigid schedules or fixed itineraries to follow, giving you the freedom to explore new places, meet new people, and experience different cultures you may never have even considered before. Whether you’re chasing the sun, seeking adventure in the great outdoors, or simply looking to escape reality, van life can provide an unparalleled sense of freedom and adventure. If you are interested in van life but too scared to make the commitment of buying and building your own van, give our vans at Big Little Campers here in New Zealand a go. New Zealand is the perfect beginner's friendly journey for people interested in Vanlife.

Vanlife promotes a more minimalist and active lifestyle. When living in a van, you very quickly learn to live with the bare minimum and to appreciate the little things in life, due to limited space. This allows you to save money, reduce your environmental impact, and focus on what really matters in life, such as your mental health, personal growth and self-discovery. Living in a van can be challenging due to its unconventional lifestyle and confined space, you will quickly find yourself spending more time outdoors and engaging in physical activities, promoting a healthier lifestyle and outlook on life.

This experience can help you to develop new skills, overcome obstacles, and gain a deeper understanding of yourself. It can be a very transformative experience that can give you the sense of adventure and fulfilment that can often be hard to find with conventional living.

Here is a list of the top 5 podcasts for future vanlifers, hosted by van lifers:

  1. “The Van Life Diaries”, - Hosted by Hailey Earp and Doug Saltzman, is a podcast that explores the funny stories and experiences of van lifers from all around the world. With a focus on community and connection, making it the perfect podcast for anyone who is interested in learning more about the van lifer lifestyle and the people who currently live it.
  2. “My Solo Road” - Hosted by Sydney Ferbrache, is a podcast that interviews van lifers currently exploring the world and living life to the fullest. Sharing a mix of practical safety tips for solo female and queer travellers and their everyday experiences.
  3. “Humans of Vanlife” com.au/vanlife-diaries/2019/9/22/nikki- Hosted by Nicky, which covers all aspects of vanlife, discussing the untold stories of the people who choose the vanlife offering diverse, raw, unfiltered and profound stories of the people living this nomadic lifestyle.
  4. “From the Van” - Hosted by Marty Benson, focusing on the relationships people have with their vans, whether they are full-time van lifers, weekenders, or trailer nomads. Discussing the how and why people chose the lifestyle.
  5. “Vansformation” - Hosted by Feta Brown, is a podcast for people interested in transforming vans into creative spaces for work, travel and living. Featuring interviews and lessons learned aiming to make Vanlife more accessible to anyone interested.

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