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The Big One

The Hi-Top Toyota Hiace is the backbone of campervan life in New Zealand. Making The Big One spacious, reliable, and comfortable to drive.


Drive safe and smooth in the 2019+ Toyota Hiace

Certified self-contained for up to 3 people

Stay charged with Solar & 240v Hookup

Cook up a storm in the interior kitchen, with plenty of room to stand  

The Big One

Explore the road in style – The Big One is our rental campervan option for up to three travellers. With a convertible sleeping space and on-board kitchenette, it's the practical, comfortable choice for your big trip.

With room to stand-up inside, it’s a smart choice for those looking to cook inside – particularly in winter – and great for those travelling with kids.

2018 Toyota Hiace Regus
Seats x3 Sleeps x3
1.70m W x 4.90m L x 2.7m H
Self contained

High-Roof Model

Standing space inside with our handy extended roof.

Room for a 3rd

Additional bed up-top suitable for a 3rd person


Hidden toilets the latest self-containment regulations

Food Pantry

Ample for for storage in a ventilated cuboard.

Interior Kitchen

In-built kitchen with two-burner gas stove.

Extendable Tap & Sink

Including 25L of onboard drinking water and grey water waste tank.

Hidden Storage

Hidden storage throughout perfect for two travellers

Convertible Dining & Bed

Day-time dining area converts into a queen size double bed 1.5m x 2m

Cabin Lights

Touch control interior cabin lights, dimmable and low power rated.

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“My partner and I absolutely loved bouncing around New Zealand with this campervan! It was a great size, easy to manoeuvre around the smaller roads. Wonderful people to rent from, great little van.”

Daniel Bittman

“Definitely recommended! We travelled around NZ in ‘The Little One’ for 7 weeks and had a great time. The campervan was great, never broke down and they were always available for support when needed.”

Sven Van As

“Big Little Campers were great from start to finish. They were so informative about not only the campervan but local knowledge too. Couldn't recommend this company more”

John Taylor

No questions too big
or little

Are the rental campervans suitable for freedom camping?

All our campers are certified ‘self-contained’. This means they can use designated freedom camping spots throughout New Zealand, because they carry a ‘fixed’ toilet, water and grey water tanks.

Hot tip: Popular freedom camping spots in New Zealand fill up quickly, and can’t be booked. We recommend arriving nice and early for the best chance of getting the spot you want. Find out more here and here.

What's included with my rental campervan?

You’ll get all the essentials included, to hit the road running in your rental campervan – your comprehensive camping supplies include things like a gassed up stove to get you on the road with that first caffeine fix.

We believe in providing quality gear. You won’t find cardboard plates or plastic cutlery anywhere near your campervan.  

  • Kitchenware
  • Bedding
  • Device Charging
  • Drinking Water (2-3nights)
  • Camping Gas
  • Maps
  • On Road Trip Planning and Guidance
  • 24/7 Road Side & Emergency Assistance

Here’s the full list of everything in The Big One.

Should I buy additional insurance for my campervan?

One of the questions we get asked most is ‘Should I buy insurance with my rental campervan?’ It’s up to you – and will come down to a balance between having enough coverage, with your budget and level of comfort with some risk.

Every campervan booking with Big Little Campers includes basic insurance. We also offer an affordable premium insurance upgrade, which reduces what you’d be liable to pay if an accident were to happen.

With basic insurance, you pay a $3000 bond when you pick up your campervan.

Premium insurance reduces the bond to $0, for a daily charge of $37. The bond is the most you’d be liable to pay in the event of accidental damage.

Learn more about your campervan insurance options.

What makes this rental campervan unique?

The Big One has a clever design, just like The Little One. But its extra roof height means you can stand up and cook in an inside kitchen.

With two large auxiliary batteries, you’ll stay powered for 2-3 days without needing a charge. So you can chill, and stay in out of the way spots for longer – more time to soak up those awe-inspiring New Zealand landscapes.

How does the leisure/auxiliary battery work?

All our compact campervans for hire have two main batteries: the vehicle's starting battery and an auxiliary or leisure battery used for the living area’s appliances and accessories.

  1. Starting Battery:
  • Primarily used for starting the engine and powering essential vehicle systems, this battery doesn't typically power the camper's interior appliances. It’s recharged by the vehicle's alternator while the engine is running.
  1. Auxiliary or Leisure Battery:
  • Dedicated to powering lights, appliances, and other amenities inside the campervan, the auxiliary battery will last a day or two before needing a recharge (with moderate power use). The campervan has a split-charging system to recharge the auxiliary battery.

The Big One has solar panels and can plug into an electrical socket at a powered campsite.

What’s the storage capacity of this campervan?

No problem storing your stuff. The Big One rental campervan has interior storage for bags, clothes and travel gear, kitchen storage, plus optional exterior storage.

Interior Storage:
This campervan features cabinets, cupboards, and storage for clothing, food, and personal items, thanks to a design which makes the most of under-seat storage, and kitchen cabinets.

Kitchen Storage:
The kitchen area has storage for utensils, cookware, and food, including a high-end Dometic refrigerator.

Exterior Storage:
An optional roof box lets you extend your storage options, giving you an extra 450L of space to store gear or sporting equipment out of your living space.

Top tip: Travel with collapsible suitcases or duffle bags. Hard-shell suitcases are a hassle to store in your campervan. You’re welcome to leave them with us (although many customers choose to pick up and drop off in different locations).

How do I book my rental campervan on the ferry?

Island hopping? Cook Strait ferries run between Wellington in the North Island, and Picton in the South Island.

When booking a ferry spot, select ‘campervan’ and enter the dimensions (they’re in the camper specs above). Remember to add 0.5m if you’ve chosen to rent a roof box. This shouldn’t impact the price.

There are two main operators: Bluebridge and Interislander. We’ll give you a 10% discount code for Bluebridge when you book your campervan.

Top tip: Keep an eye on the weather. Ferries may be cancelled or rescheduled due to rough weather, especially during winter. And it’s good to leave yourself plenty of time when travelling on the ferries. We recommend arriving at least 90 minutes before departure.

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