North Island Road Trip

Campervan Hire in New Zealand is without a doubt a top bucket list item for many international adventure seekers. We’ve been lucky getting to know some of these key folks who’ve become masters of documenting and capturing the incredibly unique opportunities that New Zealand can provide for those looking for an authentic road trip.

The above video and story below highlight a key relationship that we have with these two special humans, Travis & Laysea.

Throughout the season we are contacted by various influencers and content producers looking to trade their skills in return for a discounted trip with us in one of our . As we got towards the end of the season we were contacted by Travis & Laysea, we immediately hit it off, and given the amazing combined talent of them both, we arranged a deal for them to us our biggest campervan - The Big One in return for some content.

Whilst this was going on COVID-19 was starting to make world-wide headlines as it began to spread throughout the global community. Not long after Travis and Laysea began their trip, New Zealand was put into a nationwide lockdown.  We scrambled to figure out a plan together, do they pull the plug and head back to the States or hunker down in a Camper for the whole lockdown period? At the time, the rules were still being figured out by the authorities and it became clear that they needed an alternative.

We have good friends based in Taranaki who had just taken over the lease of a few properties to create a centre (Mana) to take in struggling young adults, providing guidance and support helping them to begin to lead normal lives. At the time, Mana was in its early days and they had a property free to put up Travis and Laysea for the duration of the first lockdown.

In between lockdowns they were able to cover a good proportion of the North Island, they put together this stunning short film below. It’s beautiful and truly captures the raw beauty of New Zealand. We’ve been sitting on it for a while waiting for an opportunity to showcase it. We thought we’d use our first blog post to do so!

We have since become firm friends with Travis and Laysea, they are responsible for producing some of the beautiful content featured on our site and IG. Laysea did an amazing job building our website and we still catch up with them both regularly. They are currently hunkered down in California and have made the conscious decision to stop all their travel activities despite having to turn down some amazing opportunities. We hope to have them back with us here in NZ in the not too distant future.

The film features some iconic spots around Rotorua, Raglan, Coromandel, and more. We hope you find it as inspiring as we do. For Campervan rental New Zealand, we’ve got you. Check out our range of campers available throughout the year.

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